Great news for those with a meniscus tear or degenerating knees

Posted by Active PT & Sports on 03/19/2014


If you have been hard on your knees throughout your life, there is great news in the New England Journal of Medicine. This study is a nice reminder that not all patients with a tear in the meniscus (cartilage of the knee) need surgery.  The study compares two groups, one who proceeded with surgery and the other who was offered physical therapy before surgery. While some patients still required surgery for relief of their symptoms, many did not require surgery.  There are certain symptoms that indicate you should see an orthopedic surgeon immediately. If you knee is truly locking up or catches, we recommend an orthopedic consultation and can help arrange a referral to one of our preferred surgeons. However, if your knee is simply painful or clicks and hurts, physical therapy before surgery is a wise idea.